Can You Still Make Money in UK Property in the Credit Crunch?

Author: Kajoku Property Since the credit crunch mortgage lenders have drastically changed their lending criteria, making it virtually impossible to make money from property. Previously it was quite easy to buy a property, add some value to it (by refurbishing or decorating it) and then re-selling or letting it out for a tidy profit or…
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I Need Advice And Debt Help – Advice On How To Deal With Debt Help Companies

Author: K D Garrow When you are deep in debt and looking for a way out, you need advice you can trust, but this is difficult to find when most of it is offered by companies with an interest in selling you something. How do you know whether what they are advising is actually the…
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Partnership Agreement

Author: Herry Taylor Partnership Agreement A partnership will be implied by the law when two or more people are in a business relationship together with the view to making a profit. Where there is no express agreement, the Partnership Act 1890 will imply certain terms into a partnership. It is, however, advisable to have a…
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