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The launch of ‘vacancy2market.com’ saves local companies thousands
‘vacancy2market.com’ offers local employers’ an easy, cost effective solution to advertising their vacancy. With the current economic climate along with the need for local businesses to grow whilst protecting their cash flow, ‘vacancy2market’ evolved as a result of these needs. Designed to reduce time to hire and offer employers huge cost savings ‘vacancy2market’ offers extreme vacancy exposure and a quality shortlist within 48 hours.
With a no risk money back guarantee and no up-front fee, ‘vacancy2market’ links employers with skilled and experienced candidates relevant to their vacancy – any role, level or location. With unlimited hires as there is no fee per person, employers own their vacancy and applicants increasing their Return on Investment. The free applicant tracking system saves employers time as applications are all in one place and can be compared side by side.
Angela Warner MIRP, Managing Director of 3Links, the holding company for ‘vacancy2market’ comments:
“With the current economic challenges that face us, we save employers £1000s when recruiting new staff. Linking companies and people is our primary focus, and using various methods we like to find the hidden gems by giving an employer’s vacancy maximum exposure, attracting not only active but hidden jobseekers providing a quality shortlist within 48 hours for instant benchmarking”
‘vacancy2market’ offers a unique cost and time effective solution in today’s recruitment market – pro-actively placing your vacancy in the market place to find and capture the skills and experience you need. See how we differ from the standard agency world – we make ourselves busy spreading the word about your vacancy. Take a glance at the new website to see how we can help you.
For more information please visit www.vacancy2market.com

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